Dream-Fantasy Photo Effect on Photoshop Using Gaussian Blur

Today, I will be sharing a classic Photoshop effect that will turn your photos into somewhat a fantasy or dreamlike feel. This is applicable if you feel like you are tired of the usual photo editing techniques and want to try something different. This technique can be applied to almost any composition. This tutorial is so easy that it won’t take you 15 minutes as long as you know your way around Photoshop. So select your image now and follow along.

Main Steps:

  1. Duplicate
  2. Gaussian Blur
  3. Multiply
  4. Curves
  5. High Pass Sharpening Technique

This will be the image that I will be using throughout this tutorial.
Garden Flowers
Click to Enlarge Image

First Step is to duplicate your image (of course after opening it on Photoshop). Press Ctrl + J on Windows and CMD + J on Mac.

After the duplication, select the duplicated layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. See image below
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You can click and drag the slider to start on 25 pixels and depending on what result you may want, you can slide it up for a more blurred image. The more the image is blurred, the more it will produce softness but a dimmer result. In my case I used 40 pixels for my example. See image below.
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After applying the blur, switch the blurred layer’s blending option into “Multiply”. From here you could already see the effect that we are trying to achieve however it is a bit dark. See image below
Multiply Layer Blending Mode
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Next step is to lighten the image. There are many ways to do it. The easiest way is to create a new adjustment layer called “Curves”. Click on the “New Adjustment Layer” icon below the layers palette and choose “Curves”. See Image Below
Photoshop Curves

Then just play with the Curves, use your eye and see if its luminous enough for you. Try to experiment to achieve different results. See Image Below
Almost Done - Garden Flower Dream
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Actually, the tutorial ends here, but it is up to you if you still want to add a little crisp to your image. Right now it is too soft, you can add a high pass filter sharpening that was previously taught in this blog.

The final result:
Garden Flower Dream Photoshop Effect
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Let’s compare:
Click to View Larger Image

This tutorial can be useful in so many ways, a wedding portrait perhaps. Feel free to add more to the blend to achieve different results. Experiment.
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Or Landscapes…
Dream Landscape - Benguet
Click to View Larger Image

On the Rocks.
Click to View Larger Image

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Thanks. :)

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